A Journal of African Missiology

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Last week, we published our first issue of the Missio Africanus journal … a journal that is dedicated to the field of missiology on the African continent … a type of missiology that is shaped by the African understanding of God’s mission — missio Dei — in the light of the African life and worldview. It is a journal that primarily wants to explore the implications of missio Dei among Africans, whether in Africa or in the Diaspora, and of course, not caring who does the missionary work, Africans or otherwise.

So far, the journal has enjoyed a warm welcome from many who have recognised the long-term significance of such a work. There are some five brilliant essays in this first issue, but we are working on raising the standard even higher in the next issue.

May I invite you to take a look at the journal … one friend said it is actually a journal you may enjoy reading.

And, if you may, give us some feedback.

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  1. Could do with a link to the journal, no?

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