Would you like to know us theologically?—John Mbiti

Prof. John Mbiti
Prof. John Mbiti

Theologians from the new (or younger) churches have made their pilgrimage to the theological learning of older churches. We had no alternative. We have eaten theology with you. We have drunk theology with you. We have dreamed theology with you. But it has all been, in a sense, your theology. We know you theologically. The question is; do you know us theologically? Would you like to know us theologically? Can you know us theologically? And how can there be true theological reciprocity and mutuality, if only one side knows the other fairly well, while the other side does not know or does not want to know the first side?

John Mbiti, 1976.

Prof Mbiti is coming to speak at the Missio Africanus Conference on June 26 at CMS House in Oxford. And I can feel the excitement rising. So looking forward to an interview with this doyen of African theology.

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