Anger and Injustice: Some personal reflections after a few months teaching here (Part 1)

Conversations like these give me hope … waiting to hear more, Chris and Suzie.

Shade like night at the height of noon

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-16-14-44One of the great privileges of teaching here is the opportunity to pray, think, and read the Bible together with people who have had a very different experience of life. Some of the insights which have emerged from this have been really interesting: reading with the first-year class—half of whom are refugees from South Sudan—opened my eyes to quite how much of the Bible concerns displacement. It turns out that pretty much anyone who is anyone in the Bible (Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and more) spent time as a refugee at some point in their lives.

Whilst the opportunity to read texts with the students has been eye-opening, it’s not always a comfortable experience. Over the last month, we’ve been looking at the theme of suffering in the Writings (Job, Lamentations, the Psalms, etc.) and thinking about the way these texts speak to communities here. As we’ve been doing so…

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