Anger and Injustice: Some personal reflections after a few months teaching here (Part 2)

Chris and Suzie Wilson’s here … part 2.

Shade like night at the height of noon

In the last post, I shared that reading the Bible with the students here can be uncomfortable. In this post, I’d like to talk about one specific example of how reading here has exposed my own shallowness. It has not been an easy one to work through, and it won’t make a light read but hopefully it illustrates that—without listening to their brothers and sisters in the majority world—Western Christians are incredibly vulnerable to self-deception.

By the Rivers of Babylon (Psalm 137) was an obvious choice for our session. It is a song from people lamenting being displaced from their land; many of the students here are displaced, and singing is a big part of their traditional cultures. I thought I had a fair idea of what might come out of the session. But I had overlooked the psalm’s harrowing ending:

O daughter of Babylon doomed to be destroyed,


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