Mission-Shaped Church in a Multicultural World

 Well, my contribution to the Grove Booklet Series entitled "Mission-Shaped Church in a Multicultural World" is out now. It joins many other resources that are available on the market exploring how we as sons and daughters of God can live together in the kingdom. Often, we tend to hang out with people that are... Continue Reading →


Of Colonialism and Mission

I continue here to reflect on Andrew Walls’ presentation at Missio Africanus. Somewhere in his first session, he made a bold suggestion that the process secularisation (possibly that of the West and/or that of the West’s relationship with Africa) was initiated or, at least initially, enhanced by colonialism. When asked to clarify this point, Prof... Continue Reading →

Come Over and Help Us

  Prof Andrew Walls spoke at our recent Missio Africanus conference on the subject of “Migration, Mission, and African Christians in Britain.” As those who know him have come to expect, his speech was excellent and powerful. He spoke in a way that only Prof Andrew Walls can speak. In a 2007 Christianity Today article... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Second Generation

Last week, I attended a week-long Youth Conference of the Church of Pentecost - UK at Nottingham University. (The Church of Pentecost is a Ghana-originated Pentecostal church that has spread to over 90 countries and has 125 churches and 14000 members in Britain). The entire period of six days was a delightful mixture of youth... Continue Reading →

A Calf is Born with Ears

Two weeks ago -- on the 26th of June 2015 -- we had the main Missio Africanus Conference of the year at the Church Mission Society's CMS House in Oxford. It was a great day with excellent attendance and brilliant conversations on emerging theological themes in African Christianity (both in Africa and in the Diaspora).... Continue Reading →

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