Place and mission from an African immigrant perspective

By Harvey Kwiyani and Alan Roxburgh    In this interview, Alan Roxburgh introduces Harvey Kwiyani, a scholar and an African immigrant to the UK, now based at Liverpool Hope University. Harvey comes from Malawi, and left in 2000 at a time of revival.  When he first came to the west he found himself in Switzerland where... Continue Reading →


Can the West really be converted?: A Non-Western Reflection on the Newbigin Question (Part 2 of 2)

Can the West then be converted? So, back to Newbigin's question, "Can the West be converted?" My answer is that it is possible that we will see the West embrace Christianity again—though it maybe later rather than sooner, and if it happens, it will not be a straight forward endeavour. The confidence that many have... Continue Reading →

Of Colonialism and Mission

I continue here to reflect on Andrew Walls’ presentation at Missio Africanus. Somewhere in his first session, he made a bold suggestion that the process secularisation (possibly that of the West and/or that of the West’s relationship with Africa) was initiated or, at least initially, enhanced by colonialism. When asked to clarify this point, Prof... Continue Reading →

Come Over and Help Us

  Prof Andrew Walls spoke at our recent Missio Africanus conference on the subject of “Migration, Mission, and African Christians in Britain.” As those who know him have come to expect, his speech was excellent and powerful. He spoke in a way that only Prof Andrew Walls can speak. In a 2007 Christianity Today article... Continue Reading →

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