African Church Planting in Europe: State of the Conversation

For four times in the past two years, I have taught a term-long Church Planting module at two colleges in England. The students taking this module have been exclusively African—from many countries, denominations, networks, and movements across the continent. The question that shapes the module—and the conversations thereof—has always been "how can African Christians plant... Continue Reading →


African Diaspora Christianity and Its Problem of Nationalism

It bothers me to some extent that almost all the boundaries that shape most African countries – or better, nation-states – were not made in Africa but in Europe, not by Africans but Europeans, in Berlin, Germany, in 1884. The boundaries were designed to serve the interests of Europeans, and were created with no regard... Continue Reading →

Hope for the Second Generation

Last week, I attended a week-long Youth Conference of the Church of Pentecost - UK at Nottingham University. (The Church of Pentecost is a Ghana-originated Pentecostal church that has spread to over 90 countries and has 125 churches and 14000 members in Britain). The entire period of six days was a delightful mixture of youth... Continue Reading →

A Calf is Born with Ears

Two weeks ago -- on the 26th of June 2015 -- we had the main Missio Africanus Conference of the year at the Church Mission Society's CMS House in Oxford. It was a great day with excellent attendance and brilliant conversations on emerging theological themes in African Christianity (both in Africa and in the Diaspora).... Continue Reading →

A Journal of African Missiology

Last week, we published our first issue of the Missio Africanus journal ... a journal that is dedicated to the field of missiology on the African continent ... a type of missiology that is shaped by the African understanding of God's mission -- missio Dei -- in the light of the African life and worldview. It... Continue Reading →

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